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Data Availability

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Why Build Topia

We need a DA that has both very high security and a very large throughput

Ethereum's native DA has the highest security, but it is costly

Full Danksharding solution requires several years to develop

Other DA solutions sacrifice decentralization and security

We still need to further scale Ethereum though Danksharding is developed

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How to Build

Provides Ethereum-level security and stability

Restaking offers Ethereum-level security and stability, enhancing rewards for Ethereum validators, thus favoring the initial launch of the DA network

Introduction of DAS (Data Availability Sampling) technology ensures data availability and reduces node resource requirements

The use of KZG Commitments, a core technology, provides greater efficiency and prevents fraudulent proofs

Implementation of Proof of Custody ensures proactive and accurate data storage by DA nodes

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TopiaDA Vs Danksharding

Less technical debt, shorter development time

Higher throughputs and lower DA cost

TopiaDA Vs Celestia, Polygon Avail, ZkPorter

Higher security, reuse the decentralized trust of Ethereum network

Lower cost barriers to kick-start when they are able to leverage on Ethereum’s highly robust security layer

Pay directly using ETH and other L2 native tokens

L2 Integrated TopiaDA Vs Current L2

Very high TPS and very low gas fee

Pay DA fees in native token

New VMs for the rollup


Get involved, take part in community

discussions and keep up with

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